Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eliminate Man Boobs By Balancing Your Hormones

Many men suffer the embarrassing condition of excessive chest fat, or gynocomastia, and naturally they want to find a way to lose what's commonly referred to as "man boobs". These men need to approach the problem by attacking its source. Specifically, they must correct the hormone imbalance that has afflicted them with decreased production of the male hormone testosterone, and elevated levels of the female hormone estrogen. Luckily, correction of this testosterone-estrogen hormone imbalance is possible. These tips on how to lose man boobs should help reduce your chest fat dramatically.

Balance Your Hormones Naturally Through Testosterone-Boosting Exercise

Change the way you exercise and avoid low-intensity exercises. Concentrate on compound exercises instead, meaning exercises such as bench presses and squats. They are called compound exercises because they work more than one joint when they're performed. As a result, they trigger your body to release the most testosterone. Resistance training, often called "bodybuilding exercises," is the most effective exercise for triggering the body's natural production of testosterone.

Alcohol Intake Affects the Testosterone-Estrogen Balance

Excessive drinking triggers the production of estrogen. It can also be a factor that contributes toward putting on unnecessary chest fat. Limit your alcohol intake to one beverage per day, but don't interpret that "one beverage per day" as a total number for a week. In other words, don't save up your "one-beverage-per-day" and drink them all on the weekend. By spreading a moderate alcohol intake over the entire week, you can prevent a negative impact on your hormones.

Boost Testosterone Naturally, Through Stress Reduction

The increased stress of modern-day living is one reason why men today have lower testosterone levels than earlier generations. On average, your testosterone level is lower than your grandfather's, and lower still than HIS grandfather's. This is largely due to the increased stress men must deal with between pressure from work and the financial responsibilities involved with caring for a family. You need to reduce the stress in your life if you want to boost your testosterone and lose man boobs. Use your weekends as "down time"; get away from the house by taking vacations; and find enjoyable hobbies and social activities to give you some balance in your life.

Sleeping Better Helps Lose Man Boobs

Most men do not sleep enough. Be sure you plan your workout, job and sleep schedule in a way that will permit you to get plenty of rest every night. If you enjoy late-night television, record the shows you like and fit them into your day instead of watching them at night. And consider the fact that regular sexual activity stimulates the release of oxytocin, a hormone which acts to naturally release the endorphins that aid a deep and restful sleep. As a matter of fact, a man's oxytocin levels spike from three to five times higher during sexual activity. This means you are free to use the "I need better sleep" excuse with your partner!

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